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MIXING & mastering  Services

We have a cutting edge mixing and mastering music studio. You can trust our ears will take your tracks to a new level: we can apply all creative and technical skills to develop the full potential of your music. We dedicate all the time and attention to give you the best possible results. We are specialised in tech-house, deep house, hip-hop, techno and dance music. In our heart we have the vintage analogue warmth; our minds and ears belong to the high pace of modern music: all together, you have the perfect mix of Future Plan Sounds.

We offer online mixing and mastering services at affordable prices with our compromising quality.  We use our hybrid set up, with the best possible analogue and digital tools, to refine your music and make it HUGE. The final product will be as loud as you want without compromising the song’s dynamics. 

Whenever you order any of our mixing and mastering services,  3 mix and/or master revisions are always included in the price. We encourage you to send us any reference mix/master for us to match and messages with your mix notes. 

We deliver audio mixes and masters within 7-10 business days from your order as standard or, in case of a request for a rush service, we can complete your mix/master within 2 business days.

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