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A Fort Lauderdale native, Julius “2-Much” Joseph is an incredibly versatile producer, engineer and musician. A few years prior to his birth, 2-Much’s parents transitioned from the Caribbean to the United States, where they began a new legacy. As the youngest king in the castle, he developed the keen ability to absorb what surrounded him. This especially influenced his taste in music, which was a mosaic reflecting both his colorful family and his own experiences. Additionally, a young 2-Much played the role of the family technician, gravitating to the function and frivolity of all things technology. 


Upon entering high school, he developed a fervent interest in the production process as well as the manipulation of audio via engineering. By the time his final year arrived, he was attending classes in music production and receiving encouragement from teachers to take his passion a step further. 


That is when 2-Much made the decision to relocate to Orlando, FL where he developed extensive knowledge in the art form and began to offer his services as a freelance audio engineer/technician. 2-Much is most known for his ability to adapt and grow within various genres, ranging from House to Trap music - a true demonstration of his love of music and his knack for weaving the technical elements of his engineering skills into the artistic productions he crafts.

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