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Flapjaques is a bedroom producer based in Champaign Illinois. Music has always served as his outlet but until recently, he had only been a consumer. “I grew up listening to phenomenal guitarists like Jerry Garcia and Jimi Hendrix. Their incredible skill always gave me this idea that if one was to be a great musician they’d know it early on, show talent at a young age; it’d be clear to themselves and others that it was their calling.” This mindset kept him as a complacent listener but eventually, the ideas in his head couldn’t remain locked up any longer. “I started teaching myself guitar at 18 and eventually wanted to make my own backing tracks to play over. I quickly found that I was much better at laying down beats and layering synths than plucking the strings themselves and from that point on, producing took up every free moment I had and still does today.” Starting with simple loop beats and one to two minute tracks, Flapjaques quickly progressed to remixing popular songs and eventually, producing original tracks. “My songs never really have an intention behind them, they’re more a snapshot of whatever I was feeling during the moment of their creation. Some are upbeat and happy, some melancholy and somber. Just as one’s emotions can oscillate as the months and years pass by, the emotions of my work alter track to track.”



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