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My name is Justin Hundii, actually 17 years old and from Germany. 2012 was the point in my life, which I came to the House/EDM-Movement. This year I found the duo "Pegboard Nerds" and the DJ "DJ 3PS1LON" on YouTube, among others. I immediately liked what I heard back then and decided since then to act as a DJ and producer. In 2013, I started teaching the arts of the DJ. Got some tips from my dad, heard different sets on YouTube and got better too. In 2015, I start producing. Which proved to be more difficult than previously thought. But in the end I did it! In 2016 I finished 2 songs. The Deep House title "Stay" and the track "Com 'ON". Both previously closed to the public. In 2017, I also started to regularly upload a few sets on YouTube. At the beginning I managed it thanks to the school every Saturday. But since I work now, I can not do it as regularly as I did back then. In 2017, I also managed to produce 8 songs, which has been mentioned but only on the Internet so far.



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