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Slumberlords grew up listening and being influenced by cutting edge sounds from the 80s and 90s. He's a songwriter and producer, working with various talented singers and instrumentalists to get the perfect sound, mostly downtempo, funk and pop. Born in Italy, his family emigrated to Australia at a young age. Vince grew up listening to classic Italian disco (think Tozzi) but quickly started to love all sorts of music- while at University he devoted much time producing music for many local Adelaide musicians, for example Adam Barclay using old 8 track tapes. A keyboardist in many local University funk rock groups, mostly nirvana, chili peppers influenced. Later important influences (late 80’s) included Massive Attack and Portishead. Late 90’s influenced by Daft Punk and Prodigy. In the last few years, now based in London - HE has been playing DJ sets in London or the Costa Blanca. In the last year he has decided to start releasing music independently via Spotify and Soundcloud and you can hear all his influences, from minimalist, downtempo to 80’s pop and more current themes.



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