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T Guys (Richie and Beps) is a duo of DJs / producers born in 2017. The idea of ​​the project of these two boys began with the goal to develop and expand their passion for music EDM / Electro, Future & Big Room. After hours and hours spent in the studio, creating mashups and bootlegs of various kinds, their first single "Future House" was born called "Origins" distributed through the Greek record label: "Alveda Music". Thanks to it and their varied dj set always alternative and updated, they have made space in the discotheques of their area, from Sali & Tabacchi to the Fuori Orario, supporting internationally renowned DJs such as Gabry Ponte etc. Later, their second single from the genre is born "Electro" called "Strike" which will be released on July 24th from the Italian record label "Kingside Records" founded by Dj Mark Vox and supported by high-caliber DJs and radios (M2O). In September 2018 after a summer spent in the studio trying to create something different and a bit 'out of the box, give life to their third single from the genre Trap / Bass House, called "T House" distributed by the Italian "label" called Future Plan Records. Currently they're planning their fourth song.



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